Learn About Some Basic Portable Welding Equipment

Learn About Some Basic Portable Welding Equipment

A portable oxy acetylene torch is the best piece of equipment that you can have in a shop because you can weld and cut with this equipment and it will not cost you thousands. You can get a good name brand torch with all attachments and regulators for $200 or $300 bucks. You can rent the tanks at a good welding gas supplier. The tanks will mount in a welding cart that will have a chain that will lock across the tank to keep them from falling out. The cart will have a box in the back so you can store all your tips, gloves, goggles and torch and other things needed. The cart looks like a dolly so you can roll it where you need it.

The outfit will have an oxygen and acetylene tank as you may already know by now. The regulators will screw in the proper tank. The regulator will be color coded so you don’t mix them up, the oxygen regulator will have green on it and the acetylene will have red on it. Just one word of caution, do not let the acetylene tank regulator get over 15 psi!!! Or you could blow up the tank and I don’t want to think what you would look like. Acetylene is a very unstable gas, so be very careful with it. Oxygen tanks are very dangerous also, you may not think oxygen is, but under pressure it can ignite so no welding or cutting next to the tanks and watch out for the hoses that they don’t get holes in them or you may have a nice fire display.

Acetylene when used with oxygen can produce a flame approximately 6300 degrees F. The oxy acetylene welding equipment, called the torch mixes the two gases together and it also controls the volume of the welding or cutting flame. The handle will have two knobs for both the gases at the lower part of the torch. They are made of hard brass, copper-nickel alloy and stainless steel.

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Investing in Automotive Tools and Equipment

Investing in Automotive Tools and Equipment

In order to have the most successful automated service center, it is vital to invest in the highest quality automotive tools & equipment. By using the most precise of equipment, your servicing center can guarantee the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Owners of vehicles require their cars to be regularly maintained and repaired. Reputable car repair centers will ensure that they have a large clientele base if they have great mechanics and the best tools and equipment. To purchase this type of equipment, you can research online to find reliable manufacturers. Your center should also have the best wheel alignment equipment that is known for precision, as this is very important. If a client is interested in having a wheel alignment adjustment made, they will normally inquire as to the type of equipment the service center uses. High quality wheel alignment equipment is utilized by the best auto service centers to ensure customer satisfaction.

When seeking automated tools & equipment for your automated service center, it is imperative to choose a distributor that only deals in the utmost highest of quality materials. Reputable manufacturers will have their own websites that detail the different types and brands of equipment available if you shop with them. You will be able to search within the website's search bar for the equipment that you are seeking and will automatically be taken to the page that highlights what you are looking for.

On these types of sites you will be able to check details about the equipment, such as how much it costs and who it is manufactured by. Many automotive centers and almost all vehicle owners will only rely on certain manufacturers for the parts for their vehicles. By using only these manufacturers in your place of business, you stand to gain many more customers to boost your clientele. You can also ensure the safety of your work by using these great manufacturers. Do research to find out who the best manufacturers are and who produces the safest, most efficient quality products to use in your vehicle maintenance center.

When doing your research, only choose those manufacturers that produce the equipment that has received great reviews by consumers and other repairs shops alike. It is best to stick to those companies that are well known for their automotive tools & equipment. If you have the best equipment, you can count on being thought after for your repair and maintenance facilities.

The vehicle owners that need extensive repairs for things on their vehicle such as their engine will only rely on service centers that utilize reputable equipment made by name brand companies. This goes for new and used spare parts. When you are ready to order, you can order online the different types of equipment and tools that you require. You will be able to pay online, as well, and expect delivery per the terms in the payment agreement from the manufacturer.

If you have doubts or questions involving the equipment that you see on a website, you can always contact the manufacturer directly via the contact information on the website. Many websites nowdays have a contact page where you can submit any of your questions online, as well. Should your product be defective or need repair, the website you are ordering from should have something in place to offer to fix or replace the defective or broken part or equipment. Be sure that the manufacturer only uses highly trained mechanics to service your equipment. By taking these precautions, you can ensure the best quality service to your clientele.

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New Construction Tools and Equipment: Hitachi Drills

New Construction Tools and Equipment: Hitachi Drills

If you wish to use a fine electronic tool, Hitachi drills are the perfect tools for you. Hitachi has long been around the electronics industry since 1910. They have built numerous practical tools that undeniably made existence a lot easier for individuals. Creation and development is actually their primary target. They never stop in producing the best of the best. If you wish to try a product that is reliable and durable, you can always have Hitachi to go to. It is the brand name that can last for a long time.

With the wide array of tools which makes life much easier for individuals, selecting the right electronic tools is very important and that's when Hitachi drills enter into the picture. Since its beginning in 1910, Hitachi has been a name of excellent reputation with the finest in products and services which are of top quality. It is going to come to no surprise that Hitachi will continue on creating power tools way into the future. It's going to never end to make any difference.

Intended for overall construction work, one of their own Hitachi drills, the D10VG 3/8 "Drill 9.0 Amp, EVS, Reversible, (D10VGKL – key-less chuck) features a 9 Amp motor, forcible power which brings together great speed along with it's designed with a max torque of 312.5in-lbs, that's excellent for high torque applications which make great power tools. contractor-grade cast aluminum gear enclosure which contributions sturdiness and proficiently disappoints heat.

A Hitachi drill are able to drive into various kinds of steel, wood, plastic resin, stainless-steel and similar materials. Furthermore they tighten and loosen tiny screws, wood screws, and nuts and bolts. One more electric tool, the D10YB 3/8 "Right Angle Drill, 4.6 Amp, Dial-in EVS, Reversible possesses a small grip area, designed for optimum maneuverability. lock for constant operation. Encased in contractor-grade cast aluminum gear cover, increases sturdiness and successfully disappears heat.

The Hitachi drills stated earlier is simply a chunk from the proverbial pie. There are so many electrical tools to pick from; each built to do a particular work. They are the kind of products that really can last for a long time. Having the vast array of services and products to choose from, Hitachi will never ever, ever let you down. It's the corporation which certainly makes a distinction and are also preferred by a number of businesses. With the multitude of organizations that trust Hitachi, you will not ever go wrong. So, next time that you're looking for a good power tool, you'll never have second thoughts with Hitachi.

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Basketry Tools and Equipment – What You Need to Know Before Starting Basketry

Basketry Tools and Equipment – What You Need to Know Before Starting Basketry

Basketry tools and equipment are sometimes generally available from craft shops. Just what you’re going to require to form your basketry masterwork will rely on your ability level and the kind of basketry you have an interest in. Below are some laws to help choose which basketry tools and equipment you might need.

There are several kinds of material to make a choice from when making baskets. Antique baskets were often woven using hardwoods such as ash, oak or hickory but today most basket weavers, who are just learning basketry, use tropical materials like reed or cane. Reed or cane are far less costly than the hardwoods and also they are better to work with. Most basketry patterns and kits will suggest the utilization of either reed or cane though willow is another really flexible material to think about. Reed and cane are cropped in various parts of East Asia where they’re processed into different sizes of reed and cane. Reed is taken from the interior of the vine while cane is the outer bark and used more generally for woven chair seats.

If you’re very new to basket making the basketry tools and equipment you’ll potentially need will include the following:

* Shears for cutting the reed

* Bone axe – for making holes in your wrapping on rib style baskets

* Clamps – for clamping basket edges

* Reed gauge – used to estimate the measurement of various kinds of reeds

* Pattern – the pattern you may follow when making your basket

* Reed or cane – to make your basketry

Reed is available in numerous shapes which include flat, flat oval, half round and round ensure you take a look at your pattern for the right shape and size. Cane is utilized more for the production of woven chair seats. Willow is alleged to have healing powers and has been employed in basketry for centuries. Today you will most likely find it used for all demeanour of garden structures, garden furniture and conservatory furniture. There are some types of willow which are used for basketry and a lot of them are from the Salix family.

Willow rods are a brilliant wood to be used in basketry. Whatever sort of basketry you have an interest in, most patterns will include an inventory of basketry tools and equipment you’ll need to finish your project. Lots of these should be available from craft shops, or maybe your local hardware shop.

The diversity of products you can create using basketry is huge and include such items as bottle holders, small baskets, baskets to store fire wood and even food plates. Old chairs with damaged cane seating and backing are widely available at 2nd hand shops, vehicle boot sales, auctions for example. and these can be turned to their previous glory with a small amount of patience and understanding of basketry and cane weaving.

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Road Construction Equipment – Different Examples of Machines on the List

Road Construction Equipment – Different Examples of Machines on the List

Roads will not be constructed unless one will get help from a certain construction company. Since the government is the first one who thinks of paving the roads for the public’s convenience, careful planning is necessary. To make the workload easier though, road construction equipment is often required as well.

The equipment used in constructing and paving roads is not the same as those employed in business and residential construction. Mixers and concrete plants are included in the list together with cement fly ash silo systems and hydraulic sweepers. Soil compactors and vibratory rollers are also needed. Look at the most common types in the list.

Concrete batching mixing plant

This is a type of road construction equipment used in order to construct not only highways but bridges, airports and even multi-story buildings. Most concrete batching mixing plants are pneumatic operated with bulk head gates and aggregate buckets. It is powered by a 4-load cell on a mounting screw conveyor. The plant is composed of a cement and water weigher, mixer, plant control cabin, control panel and radial scrapper. Generally, the concrete batching plant is large-scale equipment for road construction.

Hydrostatic sensor paver

This equipment is designed with state-of-the-art components making it suitable for all types of projects ranging from main roads and rural roads to airports and motorways. It is basically made up of an engine, a driver, a splitter gearbox, an operator console and a remote control panel. Conveyors, sensors and screeds are also part of the paver. Most manufacturers ascertain that the hydraulic sensor paver has a centralized grease lubrication system, track roller bearings, emulsion cleaning system and oil drain pipes.

Other types of road construction equipment

Soil compactors are also essential to road constructions. These machines have standard equipment inside the package. A list includes hydrostatic systems, oscillating center joints, articulated steering, steel sun canopy, hour meter, horn, oil bath dry air, engine filter and tool kit. It also has engine oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel gauge, oil level and air filter clogging indicators.

Another type of road construction equipment is the hydraulic sweeper or broomer. It has a cleaning brush that operates through the help of a hydraulic motor. The dust on the road construction is collected through a special waste collecting container. This equipment is often used before and after the road construction process. A lot of manufacturers promise that this machine is highly dependable because it is easy to operate and is powered by a tractor or a fork lift.

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Types of Construction Equipment and Their Uses

Types of Construction Equipment and Their Uses

Construction equipment range from the very heavy equipment to the portable and mobile lighter equipment, some of them with a precise description of their functions are detailed below.

Engineering equipment with a front bucket/shovel and a small backhoe in the rear combined with a tractor is known as backhoe loader. It is mostly used in small construction sites and in urban engineering such as fixing city roads.

A crawler, which is very powerful and attached with a blade, is called a bulldozer. Even though any heavy engineering vehicle is known as bulldozer, it is actually a tractor with a dozer blade.

Combat engineering vehicles are used for engineering work in the battlefield and for transporting sappers. They are mostly armoured vehicles.

A compact excavator is a wheeled or tracked vehicle with a backfill blade and swing boom. It is also known as mini excavator. The functions and movements of the machines are carried out by transferring hydraulic fluid. This makes a compact hydraulic excavator different from other construction equipment. Find more info at []

To compact gravel, dirt, asphalt and concrete in construction work and road laying a road roller which is also known as roller-compactor would be used.

A motorized cultivator with a rotating blade to work in the soil is known as rotary tiller. They are either drawn behind a tractor or self-propelled.

A crane is a derrick or tower equipped with pulleys and cables for lowering and lifting materials. The cranes used in construction industry are mostly temporary structures.

Dragline excavation systems are heavy equipment mostly used in surface mining and civil engineering. The smaller type of dragline excavator is used for port and road construction. The larger type dragline excavator is used in strip-mining operations for coal extraction.

In the building industry, to make foundations, a drilling machine is used. It is also used in oil wells and water wells.

An excavator commonly known as a digger is an engineering vehicle, with a cab mounted on a rotating platform or pivot, and a backhoe on top of an undercarriage with wheels or tracks.

In untamed regions which are being reclaimed for construction, a feller buncher, a machine having an attachment, which fells trees, is used.

A forklift, lift truck or forklift truck is an industrial truck used to pick up and transport heavy material using steel forks under the material to be lifted. The most common usage of a forklift is to move materials stored on pallets.

A loader also known as a bucket loader, front-end loader, scoop loader, shovel, or front loader is a type of tractor using buckets, which can be tilted to lift and move material.

A paver is used to spread asphalt on roadways.

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Favorite Cookie Baking Tools and Equipment

Favorite Cookie Baking Tools and Equipment

Baking homemade cookies is a lot more enjoyable when you have the right tools and equipment. Here's a list of items that will help insure cookie baking success.

Baking Pans and Cookie Sheets: Come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Dark metal pans absorb heat and will cause cookies and brownies to brown more quickly. Shiny metal pans reflect heat making them perfect for more delicious baked treats. Air-cushioned sheets provide extra protection from burning but make it difficult to obtain golden brown cookies. Glass pans carry heat more effectively so your oven temperature needs to be adjusted down 25 degrees when using them. I prefer dull, light colored heavy duty aluminum baking pans. Basic pan sizes you'll want in your collection include:

  • 9 X 13-inch
  • 8-inch square
  • 9-inch square
  • 9-inch round
  • Cookie sheets with or without sides. Although many books suggest rimless pans for baking cookies, I have had great success using rimmed half sheet pans.

Bowls: Small, medium, and large mixing bowls in glass or stainless steel.

Wooden Spoons: Great for stirring brownies batter

Measuring Spoons: One or two sets of graduated spoons specifically designed for measuring

Measuring Cups: A 2-cup glass or plastic one for liquids that has a spout and a set of dry graduated measuring cups

Spatulas: One thin metal spatula for removing cookies from the pan and a couple of plastic spatulas for scraping cookie dough and brownie batter from bowls into baking pans

Whisks: One or two medium to large whisks for mixing both dry and wet ingredients

Ice Cream Scoops: Small ice cream scoops make easy, speedy work of dropping cookie dough onto pans. They're one of my favorite inexpensive cookie making tools

Microplane: A wonderful tool for zesting and grating zest from citrus fruit and chocolate

Silicone baking pan liners: Make clean-up a breeze and are available in a wide variety of sizes. With a silicone liner you are able to forgo greasing cookie sheets too. Just be sure to not cut them.

Parchment Paper: An indispensable aid for quick and easy baking. Available in both rolls and sheets, I bake all my cookies on parchment lined sheets for the easiest clean-up

Wire Racks: For cooing your cookies and brownies

Electric Mixer: I love my KitchenAid mixers, both hand-held and standing versions, for making brownies and cookies. If you only bake occasionally or have limited space, start with one or the other. If you bake a lot, you will always want both.

Food Processor: I am a fan of Cuisinart food processors. They can really speed up the process for many kitchen tasks like chopping, grating, shredding, and pureing. Get one that has at least a 6-cup capacity.

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Renting Vs Buying Equipment For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Renting Vs Buying Equipment For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

In a foreclosure cleanup business, you can offer a potpourri of services. You can start out offering just a few, or you can offer services that run the gamut. The services you choose to offer will dictate the initial equipment you will need to start your business.

Services Offered will Dictate Equipment Needed

For example, you can offer just lawn care and debris removal, or you can offer full trash-outs and interior cleaning. You may want to simply focus on painting, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and winterization, or you can delve into window boarding, lock changing and overall property securing duties. If you are skilled in carpentry, you may opt to add sheet rock and repair work.

A foreclosure cleanup business is one that allows you tons of leeway in structuring a company that will fit you, how you want to work, how fast you want to grow, how much money you want to make, and how much you want to outlay on equipment, initially.

Wait to Purchase?

Depending on the services you ultimately choose to offer when you first start your foreclosure cleaning and trash-out business, you may NOT want to run out and buy all new equipment. It may be smarter to simply start with what you have at home in the garage and rent equipment until your business can afford to pay for the equipment outright.

This “wait to purchase” period will do two things: 1) it will truly allow you to grow only as fast as your new business’ wallet will allow you to grow; and, 2) it will give you a chance to see which services are really taking off in your geographic area before you invest needed marketing dollars in equipment you may only use one or two times.

Warning: The “Emotions” of Spending On New Tools and Equipment

If you have a certain amount set aside to start your business, it may be tempting to spend, spend, spend initially. This buying frenzy will make you feel like you’re really moving in starting your business. You may begin to associate (and ultimately justify) the spending because you are, after all, “starting a business.”

Guilty! I have gotten caught up in the emotions of spending when starting a business or new project on more than one occasion. Reign yourself in and consider renting necessary big-ticket equipment before buying. The larger home depot-type stores offer tool and equipment rental. They rent everything from carpet kickers to generators and beyond. These depots also rent trailers and trucks for hauling.

Golden Tip: Careful not to enter the store and spend anticipated profits on items you know you have at home, but don’t want to turn back to get — unless you have priced the job to cover these new items — for example, gloves, rope, tarp, putty knives, etc. On more than one occasion, what should have been a $26 trip to pick up a trailer from Home Depot turned into a $50 trip for me because I neglected to plan a job and throw necessary items into the truck before I left home-base for the work site.

Plan your jobs ahead of time and have needed items all packed and in the truck before you stop at the home supply store to prevent unnecessary spending.

Equipment Purchase Decisions Will Vary

In certain scenarios, it may be necessary to buy instead of renting, but really weigh purchases carefully, especially in the start-up phase. A new shiny truck will look great; but that Ford in the backyard with a rented trailer attached will haul just the same.

Sample Tool & Equipment Rental Prices

Visit a local home supply store and ask for a tool and equipment rental list for sample rental prices in your area. In many scenariors, items can be rented in 4-hour slots, or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Here are some sample prices for common items you will need (this is from an Atlanta, GA area list):

–Pressure Washer: Rent $46 (four hours)
–Fiberglass Extension Ladder, 28′: Rent $25 (four hours)
–Tow N Go Trailer, 5×8: Rent $24 (full day)

The sample lists will assist you in pricing your jobs effectively when starting out with rental equipment.

Good luck with your foreclosure cleanup business!

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Decoupage Tools and Equipment

Decoupage Tools and Equipment

The tools you can’t manage without.


It’s best to have a pair of scissors put aside solely for decoupage. Certain things can gradually blunt scissors, and you want to keep yours as sharp and clean as possible. Embroidery scissors, which come to a very sharp point, are good for this sort of work. You can also buy curved scissors, which can be helpful in cutting out awkward shapes. You can keep your scissors sharp by cutting fine sandpaper.


White PVA glue makes an excellent medium, although you may want to dilute it a little with water before using it. This will give you a similar product to specially made decoupage medium. There are many brands of glues available, some made specifically for decoupage. They will have instructions for use on the bottle. For simple projects, you can mix two parts clear drying craft glue with one part water. Some glues may need to be diluted further. Wallpaper paste can be used for large areas. Decoupage mediums or glues may be used full strength, except on glass where they should be diluted. Decoupage glue has a slower drying time, which is useful if you’re inexperienced as it allows you to reposition items. There are a number of recipes available for making your own glue if you find it difficult to obtain decoupage glue.


Mix together three parts PVA glue with one part water. Add more water if necessary. Add two tablespoons of varnish, for shine. Put into a screw top container.


¼ cup of sugar

¼ cup of flour

½ teaspoon of powdered alum

1¾ cups of water

¼ teaspoon of oil of cinnamon

Mix the sugar, flour, and alum in a medium sized saucepan.

Gradually add the one cup of water, stirring vigorously to break up any lumps. Boil until clear and smooth. Stir constantly. Remove from heat and add the remaining water and oil, stirring until thoroughly mixed. Put into a screw top container.

Slow Drying Glue

Add one part glycerin to four parts glue.


The type of varnish you choose will depend on the use to which the item is to be put and how you want it to look. You can use a water-based varnish, which won’t yellow, or oil based varnish to give a yellow tint for an aged look. Lacquer, which comes in spray-on cans, is easy to use for large objects.

Water based varnish is less likely to run and dries quickly. It’s also heat resistant to a point and scuff resistant. Although it has a milky appearance, it dries clear. This varnish works well on wood and glass because it is thin and easy to apply. It’s available in gloss, matt and satin. You need to apply it smoothly and evenly and wash your brushes and applicators in soapy water immediately after use. As it dries clear, it works well on bright colors. Water based varnish is the best to use if you’re working in a small space owing to the fumes produced by oil based varnish.

Remember that the final coat defines the finish so is you decide that you’d rather have a matte than gloss finish; use a matte varnish for your final coat.

Cotton Swabs

These are used to spread the glue around. They are a very inexpensive alternative to paint brushes.

Damp Rag

This will help you to wipe up any excess glue that leaks out, as you don’t want the residue to lie on top.

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Construction Equipment Sales – The Different Products in This Industry

Construction Equipment Sales – The Different Products in This Industry

Construction equipment serves different purposes in any building or structure. One edifice will not exist unless with the help of these materials. This mere fact brings life to businesses focusing on construction equipment sales. It is therefore important to understand what such industry aims for.

When one speaks of construction equipment sales, it does not necessarily mean actual selling of the equipment. It may also involve rentals and services for material handlers and mixers as well other equipment essential in construction. At times delivery of the materials to the end-user is also a vital aspect of the entire process.

Forklift sales

This is one of the facilities covered in the sale of construction equipment. Since a forklift may be too costly for construction owners, rental may be extended. A forklift is also known as a lift truck or a stacker-truck. It may also be coined as the side loader or truck loader.

A forklift is basically designed to lift and transport other construction materials. It has different types ranging from hand pallet and rider low lift truck to electric counterbalanced truck and truck mounted forklift. It also includes specialty and automated trucks on its list. The most common components of a forklift include truck frame, counterweight, tilt cylinders, mast, carriage, load back rest, cab, overhead guard, power source and attachments.

Skid steer sales

Another important machine on the list of construction equipment sales is the skid steer. This is an engine-powered machine with several attachments to handle construction or labor tools. It is often used to replace large excavators. Modern features include enclosed cabs to protect the operator of the machine. This machine has the capacity to move or push a certain construction material to another location. Its bucket carries construction materials as well.

Mixer sales

The list also includes different forms of mixers for the industry. An industrial mixer or a machine used in mixing materials for several industries is found in the list. There is also the so-called concrete mixer exclusively made to mix concrete. Other forms include engine mixers and carburetors.

Other services

In line with the success of construction equipment sales are the services extended by the company. Aside from rentals for these machineries, an industrial provider may also render repairs and personal consultation. With technically-trained service personnel, in-shop and mobile service requirements are fulfilled. All construction industries – whether for residential or business establishment purposes – are encouraged to hire services or rent and buy equipment from this industry.

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