Home Master TM-ERP-L Standard with Permeate Pump Loaded Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Price: $412.90

Adds Luxury Standard Brushed Nickel RO Faucet, Refrigerator Connection Kit, and Dow Filmtec 75 GPD high hardness RO membrane to the Home Master Undersink Reverse Osmosis System. This Loaded Version provides additional solutions. The drought affected municipal water supplies have increased water hardness leading to early membrane failure. The Home Master Loaded Version RO systems feature the latest Dow Filmtec high hardness RO membrane for residential water supplies up to 18 grains per gallon. The new upgraded lead-free Luxury Standard Brushed Nickel RO faucet with 1/4-turn ceramic disk and 360-degree swivel spout is beautiful. Plus, the fridge kit delivers purified water to fridge centers. Installing the RO faucet on traditional RO systems can be a hassle because of tight spaces. So, rather than forcing you to buy a specialized tool, a specially designed fastener tightened by hand is included. The Home Master Undersink Reverse Osmosis System delivers exceptional water purity — removing up to 99% of chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, fluoride, chromium, lead, other heavy and light metals, dissolved solids, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants using reverse osmosis, sediment and catalytic carbon filtration. Ordinary carbon filters are unable to effectively treat chloramines — it takes the more advanced carbon media known as catalytic carbon. Plus, our granular filters permit less pressure loss to the RO membrane allowing it function more efficiently and waste less water. The most sophisticated components certified to NSF standards are included in the design and construction of our product. In the Box: Fully assembled purification unit with filters, 3.2-gallon storage tank, 3/8-Inch feed water adapter w/shut off, lead free Luxury Standard Brushed Nickel RO faucet w/adapter, TFC RO membrane, drain saddle and instructions. BPA free. 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Made in USA.Adds Luxury Standard Brushed Nickel RO Faucet, Fridge Connection Kit, and Dow Filmtec High Hardness RO membrane (75 GPD)
Removes up to 99% of chloramines, chlorine, chemicals, lead, chromium, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, dissolved solids, etc.; BPA Free.
Built-in non-electric permeate pump reduces water waste up to 80% and increases water production up to 50%
Faster flow rate; twice as fast compared to traditional RO systems. Long lasting easy-to-change filters, only once a year or 3,900 gallons
Meets or exceeds NSF standards for material safety and water purification performance; 5 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty; Made in USA

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Home-Master-TM-ERP-L-Standard-Undersink/dp/B01N4P2N7Z?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAJCSALJCUZSNQGL3Q&tag=jaycaetanocom-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B01N4P2N7Z

AutumnFall New Sofa Bed Home Decor Pillow Case Cushion Cover (A-1)

Price: $4.20

1 *Pillow case(Pillow inner is not included)Decorate your home with this attractive Linen cushion cover
Add a touch of graceful color to your bedroom or living room
Made of Linen cotton
Measures 18 inches square
(18″ * 18″ insert are not included)

Source: https://www.amazon.com/AutumnFall-Decor-Pillow-Cushion-Cover/dp/B01LWUWKJ9?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAJCSALJCUZSNQGL3Q&tag=jaycaetanocom-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B01LWUWKJ9

AdTech Pro 80 Hot Glue Gun for Crafting and Home Improvement | 8X the Power | Bonus Nozzle Tips | Stands Up on Its Own | Item #0114

Price: $26.94 - $17.45

Adhesive Technologies Entry Industrial Hot Melt Glue Gun. It can Throw Up to 2lbs of Glue Per Hour and Comes With A 60 Watt PTC Heating System. It has a Comfortable 4 Finder Trigger System to Eliminate Fatigue During Heay Use and Comes With Interchangeable Nozzles.

   TAKE ON HEAVY-DUTY PROJECTS – Use this tool for your standard crafting OR take on more hefty projects that require bonds for rubber, plastic, and metal
   CHOOSE YOUR TIP – Fine- and wide-tip nozzles screw easily on and off to maximize your capability with a single tool
   TAKE HOME IMPROVEMENT AND DIY TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Fix things, build things, create things with this handy tool for modest home repairs and DIY projects
   FOUR FINGER TRIGGER – High-leverage trigger designed to give you more control—for straighter lines and tighter dots
   TRUST A BOND THAT HOLDS UP – Pair the Pro80 with AdTech’s Pro Strength glue formula—for a bond that lasts and lasts
   Pair with full-size (0.44” diameter) AdTech glue sticks
   Comes with two extra nozzles: One fine tip for detail work, one wide and flat for more coverage
   Comes with two removable stands, so you can prop it up the way you like
   5-foot cord
   Best for reasonable home-improvement projects and medium-sized repairs on non-porous materials like glass, metal, and plastic

TAKE ON HEAVY-DUTY PROJECTS – Use this tool for your standard crafting OR take on more hefty projects that require bonds for rubber, plastic, and metal
CHOOSE YOUR TIP – Fine- and wide-tip nozzles screw easily on and off to maximize your capability with a single tool
TAKE HOME IMPROVEMENT AND DIY TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Fix things, build things, create things with this handy tool for modest home repairs and DIY projects
FOUR FINGER TRIGGER – High-leverage trigger designed to give you more control-for straighter lines and tighter dots
TRUST A BOND THAT HOLDS UP – Pair the Pro80 with AdTech’s Pro Strength glue formula-for a bond that lasts and lasts
Pair with full-size (0.44″ diameter) AdTech glue sticks
Comes with two extra nozzles: One fine tip for detail work, one wide and flat for more coverage
Comes with two removable stands, so you can prop it up the way you like

Source: https://www.amazon.com/AdTech-Crafting-Improvement-Nozzle-Stands/dp/B00IO4HSDG?SubscriptionId=AKIAJCSALJCUZSNQGL3Q&tag=jaycaetanocom-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00IO4HSDG

Solar Energy In The Home

I was going to call this article "solar heating in the home" but then I realized that I would be perpetuating the myth that heating is a primary use for solar energy and so I changed my mind. The reason solar energy is not hugely useful for heating the home is common sense really. In the winter, when you need your heating on, the sun is lower in the sky and there are fewer daylight hours. In the other seasons when solar energy would be more effective you do not need it. At best, solar heating can support your central heating a little in colder climates whilst in places such as Australia and California it can be worthwhile, but then it's not needed so often.

Solar Technologies

A number of technologies have been developed to make use of solar radiation. Some of these make direct use of solar energy for lighting and heating etc., while others produce electricity. They are:

1. Solar thermal energy collection systems which generate electricity through mirrors and a system of tubes filled with fluid.

2. Solar thermal collectors which are used to produce heat.

3. Photovoltaic panels which generate electricity direct from sunlight. However, they generate DC current, which if you want to use it in the home, has to be converted to AC This would require a very big surface area to meet the needs of just one home which is why solar panels are rarely used for domestic heating. However, in a sunny climate, you can produce enough power to run a 100W light bulb from one square meter of solar panel.

4. Solar hot water panels which are often used in the home to heat water.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Although solar panels are used all year round they are only efficient when they receive direct sunshine. They produce very little power in cloudy conditions or in the shade. However, it is the light that produces electricity. Heat actually interferees with electricity production so solar panels used in very hot climates are less efficient than those used in sunny but cold climates. When the panel's temperature is above 50 degree centigrade its efficiency will decrease. Also, at different times of the day, as the sun angle to the panel varies, the amount of energy produced is different. Usually it is better if the panel is inclined but on cloudy days horizontal mounted panels are more efficient. Most energy is generated when the panel is pointed directly towards the sun.

The use of solar power has fallen in and out of favor since the 1970's depending on the potential savings when compared with other energy costs. The equipment needed nowdays is 90% cheaper than it was thirty years ago and homes with solar roof tiles can often generate more electricity than is needed at certain times of day. Depending where you are in the world this execess energy can sometimes be sold to local electricity companies.

In Japan and the USA, billions has been spent on developing Photovoltaic systems and Germany has now joined in the research. As is often the case with renewable energy systems, the initial costs of setting up solar energy for the home is quite expensive. However, savings on electricity bills in the long term should make up for this and as time passes, the costs are falling making it more spacious.

Source by Phil Nichol

Century Home Goods Collection Panal and Diamonds Area Rug Beige, Navy, Coral Blue, Grey, Black, Ivory Foyer Rugs 2×3 Entrance Carpet

Price: $0.01

For the perfect combination of unique, beautiful style and high-quality durability, look no further than the this Century area rugs collection. The tightly stitched, hand-carved top brings a unique touch of class to any room. The attention to detail on these beautiful contemporary rugs is noticed as soon as you lay eyes on the carpet. Clean, modern designs along with well-matched, blended color schemes match well with all styles of furniture and art. Is an ideal choice for the modern family room. Made of high quality 100 percent heat-set soft pile yarns, these area rugs are built with durability and quality in mind. The rug will stay looking and feeling new for a long time, even in high-traffic areas of the home or office. This rug is easy to clean and washable so if you have pets or want your rug to look new each time you vacuum it, we definitely recommend this rug to you.Great for any decor, adds texture to the floor and complements any decor.
Durable and resistant to soiling, stain, and fading.
Feels soft under the foot and vivid colors won’t fade over time. This Rug will instantly add fashion to any room’s decor. This rug features trendy colors as well as its design.
Beautiful, blended colors along with clean, easy-to-match designs make this rug perfect for any room, home or office
Enhanced soft pile keeps dirt out and keeps these rugs looking great for years. Easy to clean, pet friendly and washable rug.

HAMSWAN SM217-DL Makeup Mirror Touch Screen LED Foldable 180 Degree Rotation 1X 2X 3X Magnifying Mirror for Home Beauty Improvement

Price: $49.99 - $23.99

Product Feature
• Fashionable look and magnification.
• So convenient to take with you to anywhere.
• 2X and 3X magnification mirror.
• Foldable, detachable and rotatable.
• Rectangular shape provides more of a viewing area than the round ones.
• In the pub or car or the darkness, LED makeup mirror can help you finish makeup any time.
• Premium eye-care LED light, gives out light evenly ensure better eye protection.
• Perfect gift for ladies and girls in Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Party, Performance, Special occasions, etc.

• Power Supply: 4 x AAA batteries or USB connection
• Frame Material: ABS
• Light Resource: 21pcs LED light
• Rotatable Angle: 180 degree
• Switch Type: Touch switch
• Cable Length: 1M
• Product Size: 10.8*6.4*4.5inch (Folded) 13.38*9.45*4.5inch (Opened)

Note: Please turn on the switch and touch the button sequentially before use.

Package Content
• 1 x Makeup Mirror
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x User Manual
The HAMSWAN SM217-DL makeup mirror adopts eco-friendly thickened ABS and glass materials to ensure a nice look, light weight and safe usage for everyone who likes beauty and personal care
Built-in 21pcs LED bulbs with ON/OFF touch button, allow you to do your make-up in the dark or poorly lit area more easily
180 degree rotation: Can be fixed at any position to give you the perfect viewing angle; with triple folded and base design, enables you to store up and carry on at any time any place
1X flat mirror with 2X and 3X magnification spot design, makes sure every detail of your hair and makeup perfectly in place, especially working well for eyeliner, eyebrows, contact lens, etc.
Two ways to drive it: 4pcs AAA batteries or USB connection, giving you more convenience even in emergency and free adaptability at home or office

Newspaper Home Delivery Drivers-Earn EXTRA Income (Carver, Hingham, Scituate)

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Consider contracting with PCF, Inc. to provide early morning delivery of newspapers and magazines. We are looking for Delivery Service Providers (DSPs) for newspaper home delivery routes.
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Newspaper Home Delivery Drivers-Late AM/Early PM routes (Halifax, Marshfield, Plymouth)

Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc. (PCF, Inc.)
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Home staging & Design Company looking for FULL or Part time MOVER (BOSTON)

This is a Home Staging & Design company looking for a dependable person to join our team and assist with weekday projects of staging homes before they go on the market. Below are the list of requirements!
Dependability – showing up on time, ready to …

What Factors Affect Home Resale Value? Simple Home Improvements To Increase Your Home’s Value

It’s never too early to start thinking about selling your home, and many real estate experts say that the best time to start is before you even buy it. If you’re buying a new home, chances are you’re going to be selling it in five, ten, or twenty years from now. While reselling may be far from the top of your priority list, there are a few interesting facts to keep in mind. Some attractive features of your new home might turn out to be investments that don’t pay off when it comes time to sell, while other features that you overlook now could have a positive effect on your home’s value over time.

When looking for a new home, your top priority should still be your own needs and desires, but it can’t hurt to have “resale value” in the back of your mind. After all, a home is a huge purchase, and it can turn out to be a great investment.

All features of a home will essentially be built into the price. If you do your best to learn about the true value of these features, especially their effects on the value over many years, you will have a better idea of how much you should be paying initially.

Features that add to your home resale value

Good location

Real estate experts agree that a good location is the biggest factor in adding value to a home. The home should be in a growing community; close to freeways and commercial areas, but not so close that the neighborhood is too noisy or congested. It’s also a good idea to check city records for any proposed land use action that will affect the area. The neighborhood may look peaceful now, but the city could be planning on tearing down the green space to build a new freeway. Planned city action could drastically change the value of the house over time, positively or negatively.

Large kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s a central location for gatherings, and it’s a room in which you spend a great deal of time. Large kitchens that are open, accessible, and adjacent to dining and family rooms will add substantially to your home resale value.

Three or four Bedrooms

Bedrooms provide room to spread out, secluded workspaces, or extra space for a growing family. As far as the home resale value is concerned, three or four bedrooms is ideal. If the house has five or more bedrooms, make sure they’re not inflating the price too much. You shouldn’t be paying much extra for more rooms, as they won’t add significantly to the resale value. Also, if the home has less than three rooms, your pool of buyers will be limited and you could have a harder time selling in the future.

2.5 Bathrooms

One bathroom in the master bedroom, one shared bathroom, and a half bathroom for guests is ideal. If the house has more than 2.5 bathrooms, make sure it’s not inflating the price, as more bathrooms will do little to increase the resale value. Two bathrooms is also an acceptable number, but any less than two will hurt the value of the home.

Large, rectangular lot

Most buyers are looking for a fair sized, rectangular, level lot. Small yards, odd shapes, or sloped lots will decrease the home resale value. There should be enough space in the front and back yards for a person to consider them accessible. Enough room for decorations or activities is a huge plus.

Closet space

A walk-in closet for the master bedroom is a very desirable feature. Aside from the master bedroom, a home should have enough closet space scattered throughout. A lack of closet space can alienate certain buyers, and depreciate the value of the home.

Two-Car garage

Depending on the location of the house, a two-car garage is most desirable. If the house is surrounded by other homes with larger garages, it might be best to consider a larger garage size to match. In general, two is the magic number. More or less could affect the home value in undesirable ways.

Hidden, main floor laundry room

A laundry room should be out of sight to avoid becoming an eyesore, and it should be located on the main floor of the house. An easily accessible laundry room can cut back on trips up and down stairs. Remember, even if an inconvenient laundry room isn’t an issue for you, it could be an issue for your potential buyers, and it could hurt the value your house.

House size vs. surrounding houses

The size of the house can either increase or decrease its value, depending on its location. If the house is a large luxury house surrounded by smaller homes, the surrounding houses will drag down the value over time. On the flip side, if the house is small or medium and it’s surrounded by larger homes, the value could increase over time. If you’re looking at a home, compare its value with the values of the surrounding homes, keeping size in mind.

Surprising Features that don’t add to home resale value

A view

While a pretty view is easy on the eyes, it doesn’t do much for the value of a house, and it could be costing you a lot of money. Compare the price of the house that has a view with another comparable house in the area that doesn’t have a view. Is the price inflated because of the view? Chances are, when it comes time to sell, you won’t be getting the extra money back from the sale.

Fancy landscaping

Unless you are thoroughly impressed with the fancy landscaping, don’t pay extra for it. Landscaping can be the sign of a hobby or investment made by the previous owner. If you can’t imagine yourself enjoying the landscaping in the future, let the seller know. If it doesn’t interest you and you’re not willing to invest the same amount of time and money as the previous owner, the landscaping will eventually deteriorate, and you won’t get your money’s worth when it comes time to sell.

Swimming pools

Houses with swimming pools were very popular a few years ago, but with the recent awareness of dangers and injury statistics, families with children are steering clear of them. Unless you want a pool for your own recreational use, make sure you’re not paying extra for it, as you won’t be seeing a return on the investment.

Multiple stories

In the past, multi-story homes were very popular. Recently, the market has made a surprising shift, and now single-story homes are far more desirable. The exception is single-story homes surrounded by multi-story homes. In most cases, a single-story home will pay off more in the end.


Though they are quaint and comforting, fireplaces do little to increase the value of a home. Let the seller know that you’re indifferent to the fireplace, and you don’t see it as an additive feature of the house-at least not one that’s worth paying for.

Home Improvements That Increase Home Resale Value

While you’re looking for a home, or if you’ve already moved in, you can always think about ways to increase the resale value. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Home improvements

While you’re browsing homes, look at any “less than desirable” features as an opportunity to make some home improvements. Any ideas you have, from paint color to new furniture, could go a long way toward increasing the home’s value. Assess your own skills, or form a relationship with a contractor, and view the home from the perspective of a restorer. If the lot is sloped, could a new terrace or porch do the trick? If the home only has two bathrooms, could a new half bathroom be added in? Can you turn the home’s imperfections into assets?

Kitchen & bathroom renovation

If you’re checking out a new house, and the kitchen or bathrooms appear uninviting or cramped, consider the cost of renovating these rooms compared with the money saved from purchasing the house in such condition. Even do-it-yourself fixes, like new tiles, new cupboards, or a new coat of paint can increase the value drastically. Keep in mind that most buyers scrutinize the kitchen the most, with the bathrooms a close second, followed by the master bedroom. If you see beauty potential in these rooms, you could turn that potential into profit.

Remove wallpaper

Most buyers don’t like wallpaper. The design is often dated, and buyers don’t want to have to remove it themselves. Here’s where you can turn a hindrance into an opportunity. If you’re willing to put in the effort to remove the wallpaper yourself, you can significantly increase the home’s resale value. When the wallpaper is removed, make sure to paint the walls a neutral color, as this allows a wider range of buyers to essentially project themselves into the home and imagine their lives within its walls.

Your house is your home

While these facts represent the opinions of many real estate experts, thinking about home resale value is still a guessing game. You’re betting that today’s valuable features will retain their value in the future. There are many proven trends, and it’s always a good idea to educate yourself on the local markets and neighborhoods in which you plan on commencing your search. While your house is a large investment, it’s also simply a home. You need to find a house that you can see yourself living in for many years. Keep these tips in the back of your mind, begin your search with confidence and optimism, and when you’ve finally found a new home it will be a positive financial investment, as well as an investment in the future of you and your family.

Source by D Patrick Pflager