Used Welding Tools and Equipment – Ensuring Business Expansion With Enhanced Productivity

Used Welding Tools and Equipment – Ensuring Business Expansion With Enhanced Productivity

A number of top-notch companies at some point need welding tools and equipment. Different tools for welding include gas and LPG engine welders, diesel engine welders, stick welders, multi-process welders, spool guns, TIG welders, Automatic wire-feeders and many more. Being very expensive, businesses do not prefer to buy them but instead rent them. Numerous suppliers of welding machines, equipment, and tools provide the service of leasing and leasing them.

Welding Equipment and Their Functions:

  1. Gas and LPG welders: these operate with engines offering different wattage and amperages. Asking users to combine AC or DC welding, you can use it as a auxiliary power for grinders, lights, and many other tools.
  2. Positioners and manipulators: a wide range of welding manipulators and tailstock positioners offer higher efficiency and safety. Headstock positioners handle time consuming pieces across a horizontal centerline.
  3. Generators: the generators cater fully engine-driven generators interfering natural gas, diesel, and dual fuel as well.
  4. Special equipment: a varied assortment of specialty equipment is useful for manifold purposes such as electrodes ovens, compressors, flux holding ovens, gas cylinder cages and much more.
  5. Induction systems: The induction system is highly efficient and operates on heating without contact.

Advantages of Renting Welding Machines

  1. Reduced costs of equipment and other welding tools.
  2. Minimize costs of machine repairs and maintenance.
  3. Eliminating the need of freight cost, storage and handling requirements.
  4. Use the freed capital in manifold beneficial ways.
  5. Advantageous processes of welding and latest technology used in equipment leads to the growth of business.
  6. No need to pay fees for licensing and other taxes as well.

Benefits from trusted supplier

Although many suppliers are available in market to choose from, yet it is an intelligent option to select most reliable and trusted one for leasing or leasing welding machines and other related tools. They offer various benefits to you as:

  1. Wide range of products: They offer a wide range of products for your specific requirements. In case some equipment is not available, they quickly make it available.
  2. Diversity in products: welding tools and equipment combine welding positioners, welders, and other equipment related to equipment like electrode ovens, pipe bevellers, plasma cutters etc.
  3. Expert assistance: Customers aware of their needs get advice regarding particular product fitting their needs.
  4. Reliable performance of equipment: They have both new and used products but all machines and equipments are engineered and serviced to withstand extremely powerful performance and durability even in harshest conditions
  5. Financing facility: They proffer financing facility for short and long-term rentals of welding machines, tools, and equipment. They have customized programs for lease and fleet outsourcing.

In short, suppliers of used welding machines and tools are very efficient meeting all your special needs. Focusing on core business skills, they strive to bring value addition to your business minimizing the inventory costs. Consequently, you can maximize your savings while increasing job productivity of business with renting inventory from such reliable suppliers of business machines, equipment, and tools.

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Pipe Welding Certification Tests – UA Welding Tests

Pipe Welding Certification Tests – UA Welding Tests

The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) identifies their standard pipe welding tests with the letters UA, a dash, and then a number. Like UA-1, UA-2, etc.

There is a list available that goes all the way to UA-92. That does not mean there are only 92 tests ever given. There are many more possibilities but the Pipe fitters Union (UA) had to go all the way to # 92 to identify the most common pipe tests. However, this does serve as kind of an example to how many possibilities exist for pipe welding certification tests.

With 4 different welding processes used for pipe welding (Gas Metal Arc / GMAW, Flux Core Arc / FCAW, Shielded Metal Arc / SMAW, and Gas Tungsten Arc / GTAW) and several different metal groups being welded (like carbon steel, stainless steel, and even aluminum), its no wonder so many different pipe welding certification tests are required to certify welders for the scope of work being done on a job or job site.

ASME Section IX is a commonly referred to document in pipe welding used to determine welder certification requirements as well as qualification limitations.

Some of the common limitations are thickness, position, and diameter of pipe.

For example a welder passing a tig welding certification test on 2 inch schedule 80 pipe in a 6G position is qualified to weld 1 inch and greater diameter pipe, up to 436″ thick and in all positions.

But a welder passing a test on 6″ schedule 40 in a 6G position is qualified to weld in all positions but only up to.560″ thick and only down to 2.875″ pipe diameter.

If you are reading this and are wonder what rectal database they pulled these numbers from, I am with you on that. Its seems kind of silly that once you have.560″ of filler metal deposited, that you are not qualified to put more.

I am just saying.

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